Is it ok if our date lasted 30 minutes?

I noticed this guy in a restaurant where I usually eat lunch, he was always polite to me, and each time he was staring at me. One day he asked me for my number, I gave it to him thinking a what the heck I'll give him a chance. He called me 30 minutes after I left asking for a date, but I was on a meeting (I'm a working woman), after a week he called again and I was on another meeting, so I couldn't speak to him AGAIN, than I thought "no way He's going to call 3rd time", but he did, and asked me to go out, so I said that I have a free evening today (to tell the truth I had a meeting but I cancelled), we met at 6 pm, he took me for mc Donald's ice cream and he drove me home, so at 6.30 I was sitting in front of computer what is going on! During the mc drive date he was cuddling, tried to touch me In a tease way, and being funny asking me a lot of questions but he said he's very tired and heve to go home and get some rest. ?

I kinda liked the idea of a light, short ice cream date, it made me interested (curious) in what this guy is up to... what I don't understand is what does it mean? a revenge for not having time to meet him earlier? It is so fascinating.
Sex argument also passed through my mind :) but guys don't usually mistaken me for "sex on a first date girl".


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  • I see a lot of argumentation's developing in here. "There is always a question from a guys point of view about what is a good first date..."; "Sounds like he's really, really desperate to me."; "That sounded like a guy who was looking for a cheap thrill and some sex." I put my smart glasses on, because contacts make me look too strong and vulgar.

    Many of these points are nonetheless correct, as far as correct in the sense of experience may go. So nonetheless, these answers (including my own) may vary on a case to case basis. It's true, most guys don't have a clue as what a first date should be. Usually the first date describes the second; third; fourth... In the sense that, if I took you shopping on the first date, there is no way in hell that you were going to expect, McDonald's Ice Cream on the second; third; or fourth... So McDonald's Ice Cream isn't exactly a bad start. But as far as interpreting the date; and I know how women love to interpret things; then I have not a clue as to why he took you for Ice Cream. As my fellow mates have said, that seems a little bit low. But considering the fact that you turned him down 2 previous times, he may not have thought as far as to the third time and resorted to plan B.

    To heck, maybe you messed up his previous plans. Maybe he did plan to take you out to eat or the movies if possible. But considering your schedule, he may not have been able to work with it and decided just to chill.

    Then you mention he was a little touchy in a teasing way, I'm not sure what teasing means for you. But if I went as far as to touching in any way; I'd want to be touching in every way. Then you say cuddle; I'm still approaching south here and my mind may just be thinking like a guy at the moment, but touching plus cuddling usually means sex or no sex. Regardless, I do not plan to take that away from him, since I have not a clue as to what the guy is really like on a more personally basis.

    If he spent as much time being sweet with you, he may have just been trying to stay sweet. Ice Cream is sweet; isn't it? =P Cuddling and touching is both bad, so I guess he tried to keep things mysterious. I'm still not quiet sure his game plan, but so far it seems to be working. So I say, If it works, why change it. =P

    There you have it, as shady as it may sound, that is simply his game plan. Trying to figure it would only lead to you missing his point and objective. You'll only start developing remedial thoughts of what he may or may not be like in the end. So far you claim to enjoy his behavior, so I say give it a chance. If you want to know something, don't be afraid to ask HIM, because we can all tell you Touching and Cuddling is a old trick to getting some pussy. But many of us have also said, he took you for Ice Cream, how lame is that.

    P.S: =P Your right, you may have just kicked it up a bit for him since you turned him down 2-3 times. What I mean is, he probably thought you were lying and meant, "TRY HARDER STUPID." =P

    • What I meant was, he may have thought he was being too sweet and decided to be a little bit more aggressive. I wanted to add, it couldn't hurt to delay the process, he seems to like a challenge. Seriously, I doubt anyone bothered to seriously look at the guy. But he seems to like a challenge. Down twice, many would of out, three times, I'm either chasing or running.

      P.S: Calling in 30mins of bagging isn't all bad, shows some character. At least, so I've heard, from the experienced. =P

    • Touching and Cuddling is a old trick to getting some pussy. You are really a classy guy, I always think comments like "getting some pussy" show a lot of SAVOIR FAIRE..............This girl could learn a lot from you.



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  • That is a really horrible date. I'm sorry. He could at least took you to a authentic ice cream place. :\

  • I would put this in the it was not meant to be category. I would say this is what you have to look forward to is a bunch of mcnothing dates with this guy. Fine if you are not the type that minds these kind of dates but I just would never think of taking someone to McDonald's for any date. Its one thing if you are on a road trip and that's all that is open but come on that's just cheap.

    Anyhow I would ditch the mcloser and move on. No wonder why he is persistent most tight wads are. If you do go on another mcdate and he tries getting fresh kick him in the mcnuggets.

  • Sounds like he's really, really desperate to me. Calling 30 minutes after getting your number is pretty bad, along with calling 3 times. Secondly, the fact he thought going to a McDonald's drive thru and cuddling next to you was a sign of romance seems to indicate he has very little game...

  • I think it was a successful first meeting.

    Honestly all you can do on the first meeting is just make sure the other person isn't crazy. It doesn't really matter where you go, all that matters is that you make an excuse to do something together (even if the point is to just talk to each other, it's too damn weird to just say "let's stand here and talk for a bit").

    It doesn't mean anything, it's not revenge, it's not just sex, it was literally just a date. Same as if the guy said "hey you look cute can I sit with you during your lunch" and you guys sat for 30 mins. Hopefully he's a cool guy and things go well!

  • I can tell you it's not a "revenge" date or anything...we guys don't think that deeply on how to be's a waste of time. The date choice is a little off, but if you had a fun time then just wait and see. If the dates become short and mundane then just move on but you seem intrigued because he isn't like everybody else. That's what I want out of a date...someone different.


  • The most pathetic attempt I have EVER heard of a F*&^%$$ loser trying to get in a girls pants...Wake up...

    I met a girl, while working out at a HS track...her and I both running...we went to McDonalds for something to drink ...(it was 11:00 p.m) that might be an excuse for McDonalds...A first "DATE" ?

    This is so 'low rent' it is beyond pathetic...

    The toe of my shoe is not pointed enough to kick this guys A$$ hard enough...


  • There is always a question from a guys point of view about what is a good first date, sometimes we get it really right and really wrong..

    Although I read one of the other users comments and I agree, he is trying pickup teckniques, I have heard of that pickup line about sex on a first date line before , therefore it was not his own personality, he has an adgenda trying to go through as many dates as possible..

    Also I would not like to date someone who accepted after the third time, that would make me desperate

  • dont do it. guys sounds lame.


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  • On a date it doesn't really EVER matter where you go. It's the company you keep and if you're entertained. You can be turned on to someone while taking your garbage to the dump and it doesn't make him or her less attractive. Too many guys try to impress with cash instead of with wit, comedy, and romance. I give him +1 for having the balls to be himself and not pretending to be something he's not. If I were a guy I wouldn't want to drop a ton of money on a dinner or w/e for someone I just met either. I think he has it right and he's probably looking for someone that doesn't care what kind of car he drives or how much he brings home each week.

    That being said he could have done it to tease you a little. To leave you wondering and wanting to know more about him. I think it's cute and that you should talk to him again while looking forward to the 2nd date.

    However if he continues with taking you out for fast food every time I would become suspicious of his originality and if he's just in it for sexual contact. Life is too short to waste time wondering; sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

    Best of Luck! Please update if you do go on another date with Mr. Mysterious.


  • I think it was a perfect first date! No pressure and left wanting for more... you guys talked right? and no really awkward moments? The don't worry... look forward to the 2nd one. :)

  • What the Hell? Can that even be considered a date. That sounded like a guy who was looking for a cheap thrill and some sex.

    • Really? How do you figure that?

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    • Lmfao! Yeah, 30mins isn't considerably a date. But given that it matters to her, which matters to him. This was the first date. I'm saying, if he had failed miserably, then I'd say his second date was going to be looking a whole lot like the first and the second. Therefore, it matters. I thought girls were suppose to be more sentimental when it came to these things anyway. You sound like your just mad he didn't spend more. I'd spend 500, but I got to get it one the 1st night. -...-

    • You and the other two or three girls are Spot on.......These guys think it was great.....because that is what they consider a 'date'.......a cheap feel .........Like the A$$ H*&^ in the Carls Junior commercial.....with the girl showing up in a beautiful short dress, heels, hose going out for a "steak dinner' and the cheap bastard was taking her to Carls Junior for a steak sandwich.

      This is a REAL commercial here in CA. .....Funny.......huh ? Steak dinner @ Carl's Junior

  • i think its a cute idea for a date. short but allows you to get to know each other a bit. and as you said he was cuddling and stuff, he's definitely into you. I'd say wait it out and give him another shot.

  • He's fat and out of shape and got the mcsh*ts.

  • This guy is a loser. I will bet money he has little to no experience with women and thought that crap would make him seem more appealing.

    Come on now McDonald's ice cream? My high school boyfriend has done better than that.

    You know what you should do? Block his phone number. Seriously if he's like this so early in the game it can only go downhill from there.

    • The only real answer here......can't believe some of these bull $hit answers.....Please tell this poor girl to get a life and ......ignore this kind of bozo........

      Good for you.......why can you and I be the only ones that don't have on dark glasses ?


  • Every one else on here is wrong. I am an date expert, trust me and I date all the time. I know all the signs. This guy you briefely dated was just not feeling you that much which is why he cut the date really short. Ending any date early if not for emeergency reasons only means that the guy was not enjoying his time with you. Not that you were a problem but maybe you weren't his type mentally or physically, etc reasons for why he was just not that interested. Now if he comes back, then I was wrong and then I will say this: He is either playin hard to get and want you to want more or he is not interested in really dating a girl but is trying to get you in bed. Overall, the guy is not a dateable guy at all. You deserve more than 30 minutes But right now, honestly, I don't think he was diggin you much cause if he was, he wouldn't have endin the date so early.

    • Wait, huh, your a date expert; and the only thing you came up with was: If he cuts the date short, he isn't feeling you; if he comes back, I was wrong. Are you kidding me, I'm not quiet sure you read the post correctly, she did all the CUTTING, as many females do. I suggest you read, and re-read, and re-re-read.

    • Yolu may not be an expert, but you and the other anonymous answer above are the only two here that are not living in Disneyland.....

      McDonald's Ice Cream..........what a F&^%$#@ moron.......I could have done better when I was inn the 8th grade..........a real sham........tell it like it go girl.......

    • Date experts aren't always right because not every situation is the same. I'm not actually a date expert but since I've dated so much and have pretty much gone through every ups and downs of it, I think I know what I'm talkin about. I gave her a str8t answer and that's all she needed. If a date is cut short by a person, then he/she was just not feelin you and didn't want to waste there time. I know datin like the back of my hand doesnty mean I can't be wrong.

  • This is just not a good first date at all. He sounds like one of those guys who is trying to learn pickup techniques (like don't spend more than a few dollars on a date). A guy who is genuinely trying to get to know you would never be happy to spend 30 minutes, which included driving time, on a first date.

    I will tell you another pickup technique is to go for some type of girl that seems an easier target. So, guess what, one of those targets is the girl who does NOT look like "sex on a first date girl". What they do is try to meet you for a few quick, cheap or free meetups and then zero in on sex. The idea he was already cuddling you and you barely knew him is unsettling to me.

    So, if you are having fun seeing what the scoop is, keep having fun and maybe fill us in on what continues to happen.

    • You really believe men have that much time to sit around creating rubrics on dating. Your thinking as if he was born yesterday. I mean, your not all incorrect, some guys will "zero in on sex," but over Ice Cream? Actually, I take that back, I know a guy that would do that over a sandwich. But he didn't think that far a head, no once meant, here's my number if you change your mind. No twice simply meant, it's because of these guys that we have such slow women; men need to teach women these things

    • I know guys in the PUA community, so yes, guess what, there are guys who pay money to be told by PUA "experts" the rubrics to use. I don't think a lot of guys do this, but there are guys out there that do and they usually get it all wrong to boot. I mean, this guy already knew what she looked like so it wasn't like he was trying to get rid of a bad blind date. Otherwise, I vote for him being socially awkward.