How to cut contact with her?

can anyone help me i need advice on how to stop thinking about this girl i've fallen for she is on my mind all the time where its gotten to the point where i'm dreaming about her she is a friend of mine and i never should have started liking her but i did and now i dont want to see her anymore but we have so many plans in the upcoming weeks that i can't get out of i thought she cared about me more than i think she does and i'm just starting to realize that i dont know what to do i fallen hard for this one and i have a serious case of oneitis


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  • Why would you run from a girl because you have fallen for her? Would you rather be with a girl you loathe or have no feelings for? Why don't you just let her know you like her - you don't have to verbalise it if you are scared of rejection just in case she doesn't feel the same way and you fear ruining your friendship - just show her in the way you care about her and look out for her. Hang out with her - good on you, you have a lot of things planned - then transition the hang out to going on dates and if she likes you back, things will fall into their places naturally and you will be both very happy!

    • We've already done things that are would be defined as dates but i dont think she realizes that i want to be friends with her but it seems like a very one sided friendship as i'm the one who is always making plans there's no effort on her part i dont know if thats because she's gotten used to me making the plans or what

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  • Have you told her how you felt at least?

    • Somebody else did she never said anything probably to save my feelings but she rejected my friend in person she just confuses me

    • And i didn't ask them to tell her by the way

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  • If that's the way you want to go about doing things, then I'd suggest to just cut contact with her. You said you have a lot of plans in the upcoming weeks, so why don't you just cancel? Seems like the logical way to cut contact with her.


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