What do you think of wanting this in a relationship?

My guy friend wrote what he wants in a relationship and I think it's pretty darn perfect. But usually you don't hear this stuff coming from a guy and from both genders I feel like are more into the physical stuff than the emotional stuff. What he said is below. I teared up a little when I read it because it reminded me of why I love him but what do you think?

"If we date, I want us to be best friends. I don't want you to think you ever owe me anything and I don't want to owe you anything. All I want is for you to love me unconditionally and I want to love you unconditionally. And I just want to support you in everything and I want you to support me. I want to make you smile everyday, too. I want to keep our relationship between us, but I also want people to know by how we look at each other that we're together. I never want you to feel like you have to change for me, and I don't want to change for you. We can just be ourselves even if we're not perfect."


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  • This guy wants a partner in life to share its experiences together.
    If these are indeed his words from his heart I would save this and give back to him as a gift on your 10th wedding anniversary.

    • He definitely says things from his heart. Neither of us are good with speaking words but he's good at writing his feelings down. His actions also show that he doesn't make stuff up:)

    • It is quite possible you found that partner in life at an early age which is so elusive to so many these days. I honestly hope it works out and lasts for the both of you for all your years together :)

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  • AWE! He sounds like a total keeper!!! Lucky you! ^^


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  • That's how a real man supposed to be like. Relationships are utmost the best this way. Funny why everyone's given up on a good thing. Now there's such an abundance of good people out there to be taken.

  • Sounds pretty


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