Is my boyfriend still into his ex?

I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 17, we've been dating for 2 months. I really like him and I definitely hope my doubts about him are false. His ex broke up with him about 5 months ago and they're still friends. They text each other and talk in person and it really bothers me. I have never spoken to her, although we like each others' posts on Instagram a lot. A few weeks ago when I went to youth group with my boyfriend (which his ex goes to as well) I saw her staring at us but mostly him and I was annoyed. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were going to a movie and I saw on his phone his ex texted him. He acted like he didn't want to text her and she was annoying, so I said "just ignore her" and he said "well I don't want to be mean." So he kept texting her unti we sat down in the theater. I pretended not to care, but I was actually kind of pissed off. Also, my boyfriend has no qualms about bringing up his ex when he tells me stories, it's like he thinks I want to hear her name or something. My question is, is he still into her? I also think she might still want him, despite breaking up with him..


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  • Yeah I don't think I would be with a girl who texted her ex still, it's really fucking weird.


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  • Maybe she does. Ask him about it... If there's no trust or communication there's an issue here.