Guys, if you go out with a girl you like, in the end she was drunk and kissed you, will you like it? Please be honest?

A boy I like is kind of shy with me, but somehow he asked me out. We stayed out for almost a whole night and really enjoyed, and in the end I got drunk, and I began to kiss him, but I feel like he was kind of rejecting me, I asked "you don't like me?", he replied like "I like you but I want to do it when you are not drunk". I went back home with him and left the next morning, after that he didn't contact me anymore.

So I guess he thinks I'm a bad girl or what? Guys please give me some advise/suggestions please

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  • Sorry, too many of these turn into rape accusations the next day when she was drunk. She only shows or wants anything is when she is drunk. Most guys stay away from problem people like you.

    • Yes I think so, it's been 2 weeks from then and he never contact me since then, so I also shouldn't contact him anymore? we used to chat on social media everyday

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    • what do you think I should say? Thank you..

    • Tell him you had a good time with him. Tell him you would like to see him again, but tell him you would like to meet up for coffee this time.


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  • Probably. Unless she's a horrible or not good enough kisser, I don't see why I would hate it.

  • I think that would depend on the kiss.

    • so it means he doesn't like me or what?

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    • That probably says more than anything else in your scenario. Depending on how long ago this was.

    • it was 2 weeks ago..

  • It's like the only time she would kiss me is when she's drunk.

    • so should I contact him and stuff?

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    • What do you think I should say to him? I really don't know..

    • Start small. Make a joke about awkward conversations. Like talking about weather. Ask him about the kiss after a while. It should be significantly less awkward.

  • I will be okay with it, as long as it isn't a common issue.


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