So why is it girls often don't reply to guys they don't know very well?

Ok so i am 22 years old and now and then I meet a girl (usually on nights out in town ) that I would like to get to know better, I tend to hook up with girls that I don't really see as potential partners ( usually pretty neutral) tho sometimes I do but usually I just get her # or FB which is fine but After this point I struggle. I usually start with small talk and get a bit sassy when I can, but it's often they don't reply. Now I always wait at least 12-24 hrs before I message them and tend to follow all the generic processes pretty well but struggle to get reply early on.. Is this because they are just not interested? Or you girls have had too many guys in the past hit on them that that it's kinda like a guilty till proven innocent sorta thing. Have I been unlucky? Help! Now I know every one is different and it could it be a number of things but I feel the common denominator is quick judgment, I don't like bothering women either so if they don't reply I will usually leave them alone, neither do I like to qualify so at the same time I feel they don't deserve me if they don't give me a chance or want to get to know me. I think I'm a bit of a catch myself and find my game is pretty good too though I struggle to get the ball rolling through text or pm. But like I said it usually only happens with a girl I see as being a potential partner I haven't minded much in the past but it has been 5 years now since I've been in a relationship and i feel like I have got a lot to give and could make a girl so happy :/ whats the go? where am I going wrong?


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  • Its boring and a waste of time to sit around talking to people I don't kno. if I don't kno you, you should only be texting to ask me on a date. if the conversation isn't leading to that no one has time to "chat" and sect random people all day


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  • I'll assume they saw you as fuck material and not relationship material. Don't feel too bad. A lot of guys would kill to be in your position so at least there's that. xD