Why would a girl talk with me make me think she likes me and after a few weeks just stop?

Ok so when I was younger I engaged in several online relationships I guess you would call them. Everyone of them where local no I had never met these girls before but they were all in driving distance. I would start talking with these girls they all acted like they were interested in me but after a few weeks they would start talking about some other guy they were talking to. Why would they do that to me? Was I getting to attached to quick? Did they not understand they were playing with my feelings? Ease give me some insite on this.


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  • When you are on line with someone it is easy to say and do things that you might or might not do in person. It is easy to get involved in real life and in person with others, and then the "on line" relationship gets put on the back burner if you have someone else in person in your life... probably nothing at all personal, more like circumstances at the time... Probably attached to the idea of who you were talking to, but not really knowing that person... speaking and seeing make a world of difference... Some people don't care if they play with your emotions or feelings, it is always about them...

    • So even though I wanted to meet these girls and made that known it still didn't matter?

    • @Longshoreman it might not have mattered to them... if it did to you, I am sorry, but younger women play games, just a fact of life


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  • You were friend zoned. It could be you were moving to quickly, your conversation was boring, or they never saw you as more than a friend. I have done it to a guy once because I felt like I was only wanted for sex, so I had to put him in his place.


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