18+ Do you play hard to get?

Just curious, and what do you do to play hard to get? I personally don't play games and find it really annoying when a girl does this. After two chances I tend to ghost because I find it a waste of time imho. But if you do, why do guys/girls do this?

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1mo Also, if you don't. Do you try to grab their attention more? Or ditch them if this is being done to you?


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  • I'm kinda easy, make me laugh and give me food and whiskey and I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom..


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  • I really rather prefer it when a girl is more straight forward than play games. Playing games just makes someone less interested more easily.

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      Yeah, it's typically done in a 10-16 year old demographic but even when I'm 26, girls my age still do this.

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      Yaaa... I never really understand that. Being straight forward is much easier.

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