I have developed a huge liking to my ex's best friend and he likes me too. What do I do?

He likes me and i really like him he's a really good guy except he's my ex's best friend and i somehow feel it would be wrong of me to ask him out. I really want to be with him. Thoughts?


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  • Take a bit to completely get over your ex then go for it. he is a different person even though he is your exs best freind. You know him fairly well already I'm guess ing so you know what he is like. Try him out if the first few dates don't go well then just don't go on another one.


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  • did you break up with your ex or vice versa?

    • if he broke up with you I say go ahead and date his best friend. I did that and I've been with the best friend for 2 years

    • He did dump me. I just think it could be something bad because it would be a long distance relationship

    • long distance is hard. that's what I have with my boyfriend rn. but if a strong bond is there you can make it worth


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  • Go for it I don't know

  • Hmm.. how do you feel about your ex and him talking about how much of a slut you are in casual conversation behind your back?

    • Hmm... You share an assumptuous statement. Well, i dont think he's the kind of person to do that. I'm not the one who dumped him and is it my fault that i like him? I didn't ask for it.

    • I'm just giving you insight into what goes on between men when women aren't around. Guys put on very nice act for woman then can casually talk about how much of a slut she was with their friends.

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