Is my friend correct? I'm too classy for the men I go after & that's why they aren't as interested?

Im 22. I've been told by just about everyone that I am a classy woman. I'm introverted and secretive in nature, and I do take care of myself and have good personal taste in my appearance. I've also been told I'm gorgeous by many. I've always been attracted to people of the unconventional lifestyle since it's how I am myself (tastefully). That said, the guys I'm into are really rather reckless in nature, live on the tough side of life (they work odd jobs, work in the arts or are musicians, chain smoke, stay up all night, look dirty and are just rebels I guess). Some of these parts I am as well, but I don't smoke or party. Anyways, my friend told me that I don't have luck with these men because I'm too good for them, they sense I'm too much work, and so they lose interest fast.. I'm never rejected by them, but it's very on/off or they just disappear. She and my relatives tell me I'm a classy woman and deserve better than the men I go after... but I don't know, I always found that to be a surface thing. Like if we click, then it wouldn't matter. Most of the time they don't give me a chance or write me off as a stuck up or stupid pretty girl. Is she right?


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  • well she could be on to something but think of it this way if you find someone who really complements you it might be someone who also carries themselves with the same elegance you do while maintaining some of the elements you look for in a man

    • True.

    • also a guy just like a lady loses interest in someone for unexplained reasons. if the guys youve been with have done so they dont deserve your attention because someone who really liked you would never do that to someone they really liked.

    • Well he will disappear and then come back like nothing happened or no time passed?


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  • What a cliche. Classy? bwhahahaha.

  • I'm in a gang, I move "product", I stay up late as well, the way i dress often pushed people away. but in the end I'm not like my fellow counter parts, they disrespect there lady's. me I dont have one and I wouldn't disrespect a women period. the only thing that would make me furious if they kill one of my family members then i would go ballistic.


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  • Lemmie guess. You like bad boys.

    • The term "bad boys" has been such a fluid term since it was first created. What is a bad boy really? Because many think bad boys are jerks, so no I'm not into jerks.