My boyfriend wants to teach me how to kiss?

Okay so my boyfriend and I are really close. My guy friend cracks jokes often and when I hugged the boyfriend bye, the guy friend said "why don't you two just kiss?" And I (stupidly) said "I wouldn't know how to." And laughed. Now later, the boyfriend asked what I meant and I told him I hadn't kissed anyone ever and he said he could teach me one day. I don't even know where to begin or when he plans on this happening and I'm excited but scared. Should I go along with this? It would be my first kiss and I feel like I want it to be with him... I know I'm young and people will probably say this relationship won't last but I really love him... help


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  • Yeah, you should do it if you like him that way. It will be really fun for both of you. Don't worry about not knowing how to do it, you will learn very quickly. Mostly the key is to just relax and not think too much. And who cares if it doesn't last? It will still be a great memory. I still have very fond memories of the slightly older girl who taught me. She would have been a great partner but she was a young mother and I was even younger and totally not ready for that.


What Girls Said 2

  • Don't worry! It is not hard and the most important thing about kissing is love and the right moment. And then everything comes natural. And of course your relationship can last if you love each other. Good luck! :)

  • Do it! If you don't you'll regret it. And it's worth it