Not in a committed relationship but do I bring this up?

So its only been a month I've been seeing this guy. There is no title but when he came over he seemed happy to see me and asked if I missed him before I could answer he said no u didn't I told yes I did or I wouldn't have texted him he responded yes that's true. But he was texting someone on his phone back to back. He was cuddled up with me and stopped texting. How would I bring it up or do I bring it up?

He lives in another state.


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  • next time you see him just beat him to the punch and tell him you missed him

    • I will do that. But do I bring up him texting on his phone?

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    • Oh ok.

    • Would u travel to another state if you're only interested in sex?

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  • Again, the "not committed" thing makes me nervous. look there is some validity to the old saying why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. "Girlfriend and boyfriend" are not a dirty work. Sometimes it's a grand statement other times it seems like the relationship falls into place. Think about what you want. If you stay with him and his question marks you won't be open if a guy comes around who is emotionally available and into you.

  • That's rude. You could always bring it up and let him know that you don't appreciate him texting people constantly when he's with you. Commitment or no commitment, that's just common courtesy. I wouldn't do that unless it was something really important, regarding school/work/family, and then I'd let the person know about it and apologize. So I'm assuming it wasn't something important since he probably would have let you know about it otherwise.