I have a choice? Do I have one?

You only live once? I wasted my life.. at 24 no life experiences, i am depressed because i let other people tell me what i am and how i should live. I am 24 still live at home with other depressed people... i have one friend never had a boyfriend i feel completely a failure in life. My mom was abusive to me growing up so i let that determine my life. Should i just end it or move on? Is there still hope?


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  • You are still very young and there is always hope.

    Get out of the bad situation you are in and start working toward a better one.

    If the depression is bad, talk to a professional. Mental illness is as real as any other type of illness and you can get help.

    • I've missed out on teen experiences

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    • Why do you say not easy?

    • It is not easy to change your life. It is much easier to just stay in a bad situation that to risk trying for something better. But it is worth the effort and the risk.

  • take control and move on hun


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  • There is still hope to turn your life around. You're still young.