Should a average guy just not try to date?

Cause apparently you have to be hot to get a girlfriend which I'm not

Thanks again


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  • Well I see average guys will gfs all the time.

    Let me just shatter everyone's lies they tell themselves, right now. Stop making excuses why you're not getting girls. I believe you guys say these things as an ego defense mechanism and fear of rejection. You'd rather feed yourself lies than admit that you're just fucking terrible with women.

    The amount of suckers posting similar questions on here is mind blowing. I would love to give advice to help you guys. And I'll try. But you really need a wake up call. So it's going to be with a strong tone.

    Stop with the women are attracted to confident, assertive, high status, charming, alpha male blah blah type dudes. Now, unless you are obese, or truly hideous you can attract a girl.

    • I am hideous people even nicknamed me caveman

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    • Girls don't like to approach, you can't wait around for one to come along.

    • That's what I have been doing I thought they they might find me attractive and say something


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  • There are some absolutely disgusting morbidly obese guys with hot girlfriends. If you want to wallow in self pity and pretend it's impossible, sure.

    • I'm proof it is impossible

    • Proof if you whine about something it doesn't generally help, yes.

    • Dude I can't force a girl to be attracted

  • oh lordy man im an average lookin guy and i have zero issues when it comes to finding women.. its all about your self confidence and knowing your self worth

    • I know my self worth

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    • Well once you get a under your belt it will be easier to ask the girls you actually want because it won't be a NEW and SCARY thing anymore.. can't be puttin the pussy on a pedestal (she needs to be special to you but not like a damn unicorn)

    • I'm not but the fact is they don't like average guys there's a reason I keep getting rejected. I'm a very intelligent individual

  • Lol that's up to you to decide

    • Dude nothing is changing

  • That's no true it's just harder

    • Dude I'm proof most women just ignore me

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    • Yeah I know the feeling never had much luck myself

    • Looks like my family tree ends with me