Guys please help. I like this guy friend of mine and what to confess my feelings. What should I do?

I met this guy through a dating app few months back. We chat almost everyday and have also met many times. I really really like him a lot and want to date him. I want to confess my feelings but I am scared. What if he sees me only as a friend and doesn't like me. What should I do?


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  • If you never tell him you're always going to think "what if", if you say it and he doesn't think the same then you can always move on, yeah it sucks and hurts your ego and pride but you can't wear a safety net for the rest of your life and try to avoid rejections


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  • Well, what I'd do first is look into your guy's relationship! Because it's not all about how much you like him, you need to try to figure out if he likes you too! I can say this much though, he's definitely interested in you! Whether it's for a friendship or dating, we both don't know! So first, I'd try to figure out if he's been flirty with you! Does he say sweet stuff to make you blush? Does he huh you? Hold your hand? Wink at you? Those kinds of things :) then, if you think he likes you! Go for it! Tell him how you feel! Good luck! :)