Would you guys date a girl if she did this ?

OK, so this really fat girl like hates me, telling people I'm a les ( which I'm not ) and spreading sh*t . And one day she wanted to fight me and I'm like no . calling me ugly and sh*t which I'm pretty sure I'm not .Like wow

and then she started hating on her two friends cause they liked me and thought I was nice . and then she goes and beats one of them up and they get called down to the office because it was on camera and then the girl that got beaten up got SUSPENDED , all because the other girl who hates me lied and said it was because the girl who got beaten up made fun of the girl who hates me 's mom on the anniversary of her death . WHEN HER MOMS DEATH WAS IN JULY . and she didn't even meet her until September .

no , sorry for not making it clearer . I'm talking about the ugly fat bitch . and I forgot to say that she said that I would never get a bf


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  • Why would you even consider dating her., unless you're superr desperate.

    She's a complete bitch., she's fat && lebian., twoo reasons to hate her.

    Just go up to her at school., && be like., "You really think I'm never gonna get a boyfriend? I'm 10x better than you. I'm not a fatass., lesbian., bully., that has to beat people up for no reason. Chick., you need to f*** off."


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  • If you are referring to the evil fat girl, no, she sounds like a total bitch.

  • What are you asking here? I see the title of your question but which girl are you referring to? This isn't a blog site for you to just write down your diary entries. Please put an update on here with a real question.


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  • I would like to answere but I lost you at fat girl..