Why would a guy stop talking to me but still check my dating profile?

I had a couple amazing dates with a guy I met on a dating site and he seemed that he liked me a lot but then after he completely ghosted on me with no warning which really sucked but I left him alone. I've noticed he's checked my profile a couple times in the last week though.

Why would a guy do that?


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  • I'm thinking that he's still interested in you, but did something happen? Maybe he got extremely embarrassed about something... It could also be that he's dating someone and is cheating on them! Maybe she was out of town or something and now he's sorta sneakily checking up on you still! I really don't know... That's very odd though... Had he tried initiating contact with you or anything?


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  • Prob to check if you are still active on there. Getting ghosted really sucks, but that shows you what kind of person they are. Move on and don't pay attention to him, he does not deserve your time or emotion.

  • He is wondering if you miss him or if you moved on...