I feel unattractive to my boyfriend?

Recently i have started to feel very unattractive to my boyfriend. I just don't think I'm his type at all, he likes blonde, coloured eyed white girls from what I've observed of all the girls he looks up on instagram and the girls he finds attractive. And I am the complete opposite of all of that, Im tan, brunette, have brown eyes and I'm not white, I'm Asian. I just don't understand why he's with me, and yeah i get it a person is more than their looks and he probably likes something about my personality or whatever and thats nice don't get me wrong. But i feel like Im not attractive to him, or even if i am a girl with those things will be more attractive to him than me. It's not that Im ugly or I'm insecure, every other guy I've ever dated or gone out with I've always felt the attraction, I've felt that they were attracted to me but to him I just don't feel attractive, the sad part is i feel like my guy friends and guys on the street are more intrigued and attracted to me than him. I don't know how to fix this without having to talk to him again, because he has just told me that I'm ridiculous and that he is very attracted to me but i just don't know what to do. Any advice?


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  • Asian women are really attractive. You just need to feel confident of yourself, even with him. If she didn't find you attractive, he wouldn't be with you.


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  • I think you are insecure, and you are causing trouble. It's in your head and you are making it up, but why? Find the reason and squash it

    • like i said I've never had an insecurity issue before this relationship, I think my taste in my ex's are more or less similar and i just feel unattractive to him, I know the guys at our school and my guy friends all find me attractive and I've never had this issue before i don't know how to handle it


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  • You're insecure. You should address that first and foremost.

    • I've never had an insecurity problem ever before this relationship, like I've never had the feeling that I'm not attractive enough for someone

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    • a few times he's said two of my friends he finds attractive, and both are blonde and white. Makes me feel like if he could go out with either of them he would do it over me

    • Sorry... That keeps coming back to you being insecure. You'd probably be better off telling him that you don't care about or want to know who he thinks is attractive.

  • it's probably cause you are


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