Is he using me to get over someone or is he depressed?

Okay I have been seeing this man on and off for two years. He has told me a few times he suffers from depression. He has shown signs of this in past. Recently I have been very distant with him because I get fed up with the games he plays at times. So I just went very quite with him not replying or taking a day to and I noticed he started to message me a lot more. He also said he has been very down recently because he's lost his job and he's got a driving ban. But I noticed before thought out the time we have been seeing eachother there would be times his phone would just go off , mainly a Saturday night but he would come and see me then too now and then. Anyway I have not been an angle either so there has been a lot of issues between us. I do care about him a lot. And the other day I told him I can't see him anymore and he kept messenging then accepted it , then started messenging me again saying how when he feels on his own he wants to talk to me because I'm the only person he feels close too. I know he had a girlfriend at beginning but recently he has been clinging on to me I don't whether it's because he has know job and can't drive and his depression he has had since young and fact I have distanced myself or he's broke up with someone and he needs me there for him? He also admitted he was a player because he needed to feel wanted , and he has had depression since young


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  • You know, it doesn't really matter what his reason is (breakup, depression, job loss, death in the family, whatever) because the bottom line is that this guy does not seem like he really values you. A guy like this is always going to waste your time so if you're looking for something more than what he offers (and it sounds like you are), then I really think you need to look elsewhere.


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  • He wants you physically