Ladies, would you date a guy is a bit shorter than you when you are wearing your high heels (otherwise he is taller than you)?

We are not talking huge difference here, when you put heels on, he would reach the top of your forehead (where your forehead and hairline meet), in the worst case scenario, middle of your forehead.

  • Yes, I would date him, if I'm just a bit taller on heels, it's irrelevant
    83% (10)50% (1)79% (11)Vote
  • No, I wouldn't, prefer him to be taller than me even in my tallest heels, and that's really important factor for me
    17% (2)50% (1)21% (3)Vote
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  • Yeah, I don't really give a fuck about height.

  • I'm more than 6'0 in heels anyways, so yes haha


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