Why am I so good at giving advice, but clueless when it comes to my situations 😣?

I'm great, NOT GOOD. At giving good advice, but yet I'm single and don't know how to keep a man. I'm very level headed so I guess that's where the advice comes into play.. I don't know why I can't seem to gather up "to do's" for myself. And I tried the whole imagine if its your friend thing. Yeah; don't work!!!


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  • Sounds like you think too much when it comes to your own well-being. I'm in the same place, and through outside sources, I've come to the result that it is in fact all in my head and think too much when it comes to gaining the acceptance, or likeness/praise, of others. That I try to put on a face/personality that is acceptable/likeable to those that I want to connect with, just so I can gain the trust of them. I personally believe that when you're giving advice, you're basing it off of what you truly believe you (and your friend seeking advice) deserves.

    In my book, being level headed is a very good thing. This may make me seem like a total corndog for saying this, but they're are bound to be a few rotten eggs in the carton. It is all about moving through those rotten eggs until you find that perfect one for you.

    I trust that your heart is in the right place, and in time you will find a man worth keeping. But in the meantime, don't give up. Keep doing what you're doing.

    I hope the above makes sense and answers your question.

    • Wow , your an amazing person. Hope your a Christian because I want to say God bless you ! Thank you honestly !!

    • I am a Christian. I wish you all the best in this situation and future situations.

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  • that's ok 😊 it's hard to be objective when it comes to ourselves, that's why we ask for advice lol


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  • I think it's just because we get so wrapped up in our own situations and are maybe a little blinded by our own biases, but when someone outside the situation offers some insight or just a different perspective it can be really helpful. Especially talking about it with someone who has the intention of listening and truly trying to help. Haha I am the same way as you at times, but with women lol

  • It's much easier to give advice than follow your own. Mostly because you're subjective with your own, but can be objective with others.

    Need help with something?

  • cuz ur stupid?

  • Most likely it is because you're looking for advice to very simple situations. Causing you to be complacent and passive instead of taking action. Often enough it comes down to being about acting and letting things be genuine and direct. Not thought through and rational.

    So my advice to you? Stop giving yourself advice and just go for it. We both know you'd give other people the advice to take the gamble anyway.

    • Not really a risk taker.. Guess that's the Capricorn characteristics at its biggest peak. I think things through.. I just don't want to keep making the same mistakes thinking that maybe something is what it might not be. wish I could step outside my body🤔

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    • Lol this guy. Well I'll try one of them. If it doesn't work, I'm coming for tou buddy. Lol

    • Make me proud xD

  • because those that seek flings are usually shallow and stupid. they look for something else than you. maybe you also have other shortcomings though. like bad looks, bad hygiene, not dressing sexy enough, not being socially savy enough etc.

    • Well I'm cute.. Ish.. Not drop dead Goregous til where everything I do is adorable. I dress very nice.. I get a lot of complements expecially from men. And get along with anybody.. Literally !

    • good... for you? lol.

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