Is my boyfriend being caring or protective?

So I just started dating someone a month ago. In the beginning, we would always get messed up together, as we are both weekend Xanax and cocaine users and we drink a lot. Last week when he was on xanax, he had something bad happen where he got robbed. Since then, he's been saying he really wants to be sober for a while, as he thinks it's damaging to use these drugs. Last night, he saw me take a Xanax and this morning he was really upset with me, saying I wasn't acting like a girlfriend. He was like, I worry about what could happen to you and I just don't want you using coke or Xanax anymore. He said he doesn't care about drinking, though. Is this controlling for him to tell me that I should stop using drugs on the weekends when he did it a lot too, or is he just looking out for me?


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  • Um, no, it's intelligent and you should stop unless you want to die early.

  • Well, I think having someone try to convince you not to use drugs anymore is a very good think, so... Doesn't sound too controlling to me, especially as it's connected to him being in a dangerous situation because of drugs