Girls, Would it bother you if the guy your interisted in admitted he used to smoke weed and drink everyday when he was in college?

I'm more mature then I was in college. Even though I'm only 5 months out of uni life I have grown up a lot. Through 4 years of college I would smoke weed between classes and drink in my apartment. My mom never found out and thinks I stayed away from weed and alcohol. I also never got in any trouble. My grades were very good in college despite my self admitted problems. I was considered cool to hang with cause I was down to turn up at any place any time. With that said since I have a real job I've settled a littke and only drink on weekends and never touch weed. Would it bother you if a guy you liked admitted he acted like I did in college?


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  • I think it would only bother me if the behavior continued. I understand that people change and if I truly saw that you were different I would understand that you matured, and it wouldn't bother me. That being said, if you screw up once it might lead to some trust issues due to past behavior

    • Well I get drug tested at worm so I can't smoke or I'm screwed. I don't know if I can stop drinking completely but it's definitely I can control.

    • If you're okay now, it's probably fine. I am just strongly against drugs and drinking from personal experience, but most others aren't like that. Also a lot of people drink in college, and if you control it and no longer smoke it should be good


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  • you sound like a World of Warcraft Dwarf, a drunk who going to die from liver disease. But if you stop now I wouldn't mind but keep in mind you can be an dwarf.

    • Well I was borderline an alcoholic and my liver did pay for it but I'm down to drive king Fridays and Saturdays and I only drink wine. I don't know if I will ever stop cold turkey but I defeniatly control it.

  • I wouldn't mind, most guys are prob like that in college

    • Most people controlled thenselves better then I did or stayed away from weed and alcohol all together. I was San extreme case but I changed my habits.

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    • It's just like I've lost all tolerance and when I first started smoking weed one hit messed me up so I can't imagine how it would be now.

  • As long as he's not like that anymore and his life is together, I wouldn't mind :) You seem responsible now so I'd date you. If I were you though, I wouldn't even bring it up lol, no need to talk about our bad past behaviours!