We've been on 4 dates and he hasn't kissed me yet?

I'll try and shorten this. We went on 3 dates and got on really well. He also paid for all of them. I also like take my time a bit and get to know someone. Anyway, literally the day after the third date my brother tried to overdose so it put all other commitments out of my mind, including dating. So I told the guy, that even though I enjoyed his company I wasn't really interested in taking things further right now. He appreciated my honesty, but said it was a shame as he really liked me. Anyway, a month later and my brother is slowly recovering and I feel ready to move on. I feel better emotionally. So I text the guy, hoped he was well, explained there had been a personal family matter and that it'd be good to meet up if he was still interested. He was happy and surprised I'd gotten in touch, and we met up. We went for a meal (again, which he paid for but I did offer to go halves), then went for drinks and ended up bumping into a bunch of his friends and hung out with them for the rest of the night. We stayed out quite late, and the next day I sent a text in afternoon thanking him for a great evening. He said he'd enjoyed it too, and we met up again later that week and went to the cinema and had another drink in a quiet bar.

Thing is, he hasn't yet shown any body language that indicates he's attracted to me. He also came out of an 8 year relationship 7 months ago (from what I know, it was mutual) I also came out of a longterm relationship earlier this year but i've been ready to move on from that for ages. It just seems weird that he hasn't tried to kiss me yet. When we say goodbye, its just a hug and during the dates there's no flirtation. He still wants to see me though, but I'm really confused. I understand the need to be cautious though, and through some hard lessons in the past, I've become one of those girls who only sleeps with someone they trust and knows very well.

Is he interested in me more than a friend? Why hasn't he kissed me yet?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think went you told him you weren't interested and to cool his jets, and then you tell him you are interested again has given him mixed signals and he is not sure how he should act. My advice is to make sure he knows that you are interested in him in a romantic sense rather than just as friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's interested or he wouldn't spend time and money on you. I went through a similar situation once, the guy never kissed me so I moved on but we remained friends and I asked him why and he said he wanted to he just didn't know he was allowed too. So you may have to be the one to initiate the kiss.