Im in a bit of a dilemma, please help?

I have a super duper big crush on this guy i am in the same club with at school. His name is Vince, almost two years older than me. He's a senior and I'm a junior in college. Problem is, we're both super shy, and we've talked about three times in a matter of a month :/ one of those was at a hang out at steak n shake and he sat right across from me, basically felt like a date. it went so well, we both got to know each other, and the more i knew about him, the more i fell for him... problem is he doesn't really initiate contact, i think i may be intimidating since I've been dressing up more around him, and doing my make up nicer. I get too shy to talk with him and i think its the same with him. There's this other guy in the same club who's been talking a lot with me, and i think he likes me too... i dont like him though, i like Vince. I get nervous around him like today, we played a board game, and i can so tell he likes me. he even messages me on facebook about how he enjoyed today. But all i could think about was wishing it was Vince... i feel giddy and myself around Vince and not this guy who's been talking to me, messaging me, and looking at me a lot. So, what do i do? I want me and Vince to go on a date, talk more, and just start getting to know each other :(


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  • I think you should just bite the bullet and ask him out for coffee. I'm sure he'll agree to go out if you made the effort to ask. He'd appreciate it.

  • Honestly, if you're too shy to talk to him, and if he's too shy to talk to you, nothing's ever going to happen. If I were you, I'd add him either on fb or instagram, and then message him asking something like "Hey! What's up? I'm so bored right now haha." You guys have talked a couple times before so it's not like you're a complete stranger. Message him like "Wanna hang out some time?" and I'm sure he'll say yes.