Is he cheating on me?

I'm 16 years old and I'm dating 20 years old guy.. We are dating for 6 weeks and.. We still HAVEN'T had sex.
I'm still a virgin and I asked him to wait at least two months, because.. You know, I'm waiting for the right one.
However he has been hanging out with his ex a lot lately. Honestly I would never think he would cheat on me, until my friend warned me.
I feel really bad for being so jealous, I mean.. What if they are only friends?
But I still can't help myself.. I really want to talk to him about it, but.. What if he's really cheating on me?
What do you guys think, am I only imagining things or is there a possibility that he is really cheating on me?


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  • Well hanging or with an ex is never a good sign.. Whoever warned you is definitely right and knows what he/she was taking about


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Avoid yourself from him and observe.
    2. If he still hangs out with his ex, break up with him by telling they are meant to be, and you have another guy that has replaced him (just lie, that's a good reson for him not to feel dumped)


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  • if he can't wait you he doesn't love you. thats what i advised to all young women... .


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  • sounds like a red flag