I'm afraid of falling in love and being in a relationship?

So last year i got dumped over text by a guy i dated for 5 months. Easy to say i did all the effort and he did little. I also stupidly fell for him so was heart broken when he broke up with me over text because 'he didn't want to hurt me in person'. Ever since then i can't find to trust another guy. Im not interested in anyone. Or even being in a relationship, even though lately before i go to sleep at night i think that it would be awesome to have someone to love then think that i dont think im ready.

I guess what im wanting is stories of you finding someone when you were stuck in a rut, or even how i can shake this rut off.

Is being a relationship long term even that great? I've never been in a loving one before, one that i am so in love with someone we just click.


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What Guys Said 1

  • What's better then a relationship, I mean especially long term it whittles down to sharing your life with someone. Don't let some bad apples ruin it for you, basically you'll eventually find that person who is right for you... no need to be heartbroken over someone who put little or no effort into the 2 of you and basically didn't care.


What Girls Said 1

  • I had a similar situation but wasn't as long as your relationship but it took me a while to get over him. You just have to forget about him and not all guys are like him. I think if you meet a guy that you are interested in you should go for it because in a relationship is great.