This dates back when we were in 10th grade (oct). I befriended this guy at school and we were really close. We chatted every day and greeted and smiled, and one day he told me he loved me (in french, via text) i didn't know what it meant so i just gtranslated it. And it translated as: you're the missing piece of my heart. I was shocked and since i didn't want to ruin my friendship i said," google can't translate it". Nevertheless, we were still close. I tried to appreciate his feelings by trying to love him back and i fell for real, but i didn't tell him, i told all my friends and they started teasing me. We were once again even closer until February. We went to movies together and we shared umbrellas. Our friends kept on teasing us and we both blushed, but we never officially in a relationship. Until February, He just neglected me all of a sudden and left me. I was broke and never truly love anyone after him, especially 4 months after our "breakup" until now. I still can't move on from him and no matter how long it takes, i will still love him. He told me i was a freak (which i couldnt understand why, i was never aggressive, nor obnoxious, and was really submissive)-it truly saddened me. What should i do? I'll always love him.


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  • Ok, at your age it is really hard to get these things off the ground. First, you both have terrible communication. You are both young and simply don't have the life experience and confidence needed to properly communicate your feelings. This is most of the reason for the confusion. He is too scared to tell you face to face how he feels and you are the same. The other problem is the teasing from your friends. Nobody wants to be teased or made fun of so it puts up another barrier to clearly communicate your feelings with each other. I think you both just need to have a good little talk without any of your friends around.


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  • That was incredibly rude of him. I don't understand why would someone who claimed that they were into you would call you a freak. Anyway, you should move on.