What did he bring my ex up? Why did he say this?

So I have been speaking to a guy for a while, we both admitted that we liked each other. He brought up my ex saying "sounds like he is complicated it shouldn't effect you if you don't want a relationship". I told him I do want to be with someone and he said "you will find someone". Then I told him I don't know who like as I'm suggesting him and he said it comes in time? Why did he bring it up? Does he mean I will find someone other than him? Or is he hinting to me?


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  • Could be he likes you and doesn't want to be pushy...

    Ask if he wants to hang out.


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  • I don't think he is interested in you.

    • Turns out he wants to casually date me, he just doesn't want anything serious, we are both wanting the same thing so its cool but thanks