If you live an hour apart, what's the frequency you'd (1) want to, (2) realistically be able to see your gf/bf?


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  • I would go see her wherever I wasn't working (because I work 15 hours north of my house) if your over 21 and two hours of driving and $40 in gas stops you from visiting your girlfriend in my opinion you should break up unless you are a student and really can't afford it because your getting your doctorite


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  • Wha? 1 hour?
    You should see each other just as often as you would if you were 10 minutes apart.

    That's going to vary from couple to couple -- some couples like more alone-time than others, and some couples just have less free time -- but, it's *crazy* to talk about a 1-hour trip as though that were something significant.
    I could only see that mattering if you were still in high school and living with yr parents, but, you (OP) are in yr late twenties.

    1 hour is NOTHING. Half my friends spend more than 1 hour/day just commuting to work and back.

    • We both have children, mine live with me full time, his he shares 50/50 custody.
      We both also have full time jobs, and live in northern Canada. ... roads are not always travel friendly. There are many factors that can make an hours drive significant to some people thank you very much.

    • Right, but... Those things would *still* keep you from seeing each other -- just as much -- if you lived 10 minutes apart, too?

      Like, in other words -- The kid situation definitely complicates things, but, I'm guessing it would be just as complicated (and you wouldn't get to see each other any MORE often) if that 1-hour trip were a 10-minute trip instead.


      The road issue makes sense, but, i figured that sort of thing was already factored into the 1-hour figure.
      I mean... whether it's an hour in L. A. traffic, an hour at 70mph on the freeway, or an hour at 15 km/hr up near Sudbury or Dawson Creek or Churchill or wherever... it's still just an hour. An hour is an hour is an hour.


      You see what I mean tho?
      I can definitely appreciate the difficulties of getting together when you have kids. We have 3 kids, and they're a handful even though my husband works 100% from home and I work 60-70% from home. So yeah I can imagine that's hard.
      But the hour shouldn't make a difference.


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  • I work an hour to the west, so if she lives that direction I'd want to see her as much as possible. If she worked the opposite direction, probably every weekend... Maybe once or twice during the week. (Unless we traded off her coming to me during the week, and me going to her during the weekend.)

    I pity these Millennials that require such instant payoff as to think that an hour is "far away".

  • 1 almost all the time.
    2. at least once a week for a few hours.

  • For a weekend every 2-3 weeks

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    • Yup! Moving together indeed. The issue with weekends was that my hobbies require *my* PC (not GAG, I mean writing code, writing articles about coding and stuff) and sometimes I just feel like doing that and I can't because I'm over there, without my PC XD

      And yeah, public transport. My girlfriend loved 90 minutes of public transport away from work, and this meant having to wake up stupid early, and having to go sleep stupid early (or be exhausted throughout the next day), and it's really unhealthy.

  • as often as possible


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  • Lol everydayyyy
    Don't wanna do long distance anymore lol