I think the guy I like is with his girlfriend now because he thinks I rejected him? Is it right to try to win him back?

This guy at work is so attractive that I was nervous every time we talked, and I think that I came across as aloof and not interested. If you looked up signs of disinterest, I couldn't look him in the eyes, I gave him short answers and ended our conversations abruptly.

Since then, I believe he's gotten a girlfriend. He brought her to work and walked ahead of her when he saw me, as if he were pretending they weren't together.. which seemed awkward. I found him on facebook and they seem like they're getting closer - they have friended each other's family members and friends.

But he still shows signs of interest with me - such as staring into my eyes for almost 8 seconds without saying anything.. just staring into my eyes and then quickly snapping out of it and saying something work related. And he still looks at me from afar, but he hasn't tried to talk to me for a month now. And never smiles when I smile at him first, and only says hi if I say it. In fact, he seems like he dislikes me now.

What can I do? Should I just let it go? Or pursue?


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  • Unless he says anything let it go. You missed your opportunity and he found someone else. It's up to him to create an opportunity if he still likes you.

  • you should talk to him.


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