Is he into me? Should I ask if he want to keep seeing me? If yes what shold I say?

Met this guy on tinder Saturday last weekend. Had a really good time. We are out from lunch 2pm til 1am. Then since the bar were closed i bring him back to mines & he sleptover. Text me as usual after coming back that sun. No text on mon. Text & went to see me on tues, lots of cuddle & kisses & we had sex. Then i text him on wed to ask if he wanna come on sat & i'll cook. he said could be a plan. Then no text on thurs. i text him on fri just to say hi. Dont wanna bring up about sat yet & since i said i was cold he said he wanna warm me up. Then i said just do it tomorrow. So he came on sat, i've cook for him, had sex again but he doesn't stay over & text me right after he came home. I text him today. He reply quick & it seems that he doesn't bother to reply. But his last text is just an emoji. I give one back. & that's the end of our conversation. I never have to chase anybody before & i have mixed feeling bout him and i dont wanna waste my time if he is not that into me.


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  • He probably thinks you're friends with benefits or something similar. I don't think he's serious about you.

  • No he is not