My boyfriend is accusing me of cheating?

i have depression and i oversleep so i dont have to face my depression, i also have an eating disorder and i self harm, i can't talk about any of this to my boyfriend because he won't understand, some days i feel like i can't move i dont wanna get out of my room i hate seeing people, i dont text my boyfriend sometimes because im just so sad, i always say im sorry and tell him im sleeping, which i actually am but then i realised he shouldn't be with me, hed probably think im some freak, so I've kept pushing him away telling him to find someone else and that its better that way, and he's accusing me of meeting other guys and talking to other guys when all i really do is sleep and cry, it hurt me so much that he would think that i would do that, this is what i mean when i say he won't understand me, he basically called me a slag but I've not done anything wrong, im going through so much as it is i dont need him acusing me of stupid things, what should i do?


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  • If he is with you, he is with you for a reason. You should never feel like you are a negative to him or that you need to push him away. Instead, you should open up to him about what is really going on. Even if you don't want to talk about it in depth, at least tell him the truth. He chose you cause he likes you, and that includes all of you. Most likely once he finds out what you've been going through, he will want to be supportive for you. Also, you should try talking to someone like a councilor at school or some other resource that can help support you and get you into a better place. Above all remember these things: You are not a freak, everyone has to go through things at times, and for you those things are just a bit harder than some other people. That makes you strong for going through it, not weak or freaky. And second if he leaves you because of it, then he isn't the type of guy you want to be with. You deserve a boyfriend who is willing to work for your relationship and be supportive of you. If he is just in it because it is easy, then he never deserved you in the first place.


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  • Okay, Breathe! I see where your getting at, but here's a question how long have you been dating your boyfriend? Has it been a long time? And most important. Do u trust him? Because trust is really important in a relationship. If you trust him in the slightest bit, I think you should tell him about everything, because of all the secrecy it's ruining your relationship. You say your sleeping a lot. Maybe he's worries and when people worry they thinking of the worst possible solution aka you're cheating on him. Once everything's out in the open you to will be more closer together. But I still need to know if u trust him and if you have been in a relationship for a long time? Friends or boyfriends count! Hope this helps! And I know I'm young but I know a lot about Love! ❤️

    • this helped me a lot thank you so much and we've been together just over a month not that long but weve known each other for over a year and i do trust him with alll my heart, i just dont think he would understand any of this and i feel like he need s someone who can actually be there for him because i dont seem to be doing that <3

    • In a relationship u can't be perfect, we will have our good days and bad days, but when u find someone he will help you or should help you through it, even if he understand or not. He cares about you and doesn't want to hurt you and you don't want to do that either (to him or to yourself) DON'T underestimate the capability of someone's mind before you actually ask him. And even if he can't understand help him understand it will help u grow in the relationship ❤️ and I'm so glad this helps! Stay strong, and if things the a turn for the worst keep lookin forwards 😇

    • And just to add, you THINK he wouldn't understand, u don't know for sure❤️ it's better to try then regret.

  • Have you thought about seeing a therapist? Take action to get better. Being young is a great time to be happy and live life

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