Why is it the more you do for people the less they care and the less you do the more they care?

Why is this?


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  • Because bad people with bad hearts have that kind of attitude. But really nice people aren't like that. Be nice but don't be a door matt.


What Girls Said 1

  • When you do a lot for people they take you for granted and that gives them the option to treat you as a doormat. doesn't matter if they treat you like shit they know you will still be around to take that sort of crap because they know you have no boundaries or values. However hold back on what you give out, it will make them work for it, putting in more time and effort into it and make them start to appreciate and value what they earn from you. Being too easy is the most biggest deal breaker for both romantic and plantonic relationships !! We know your trying to be nice but either makes you look desperate or that you have no value for yourself

    • This advice is valuable, thank you! :)