Have you ever missed someone, who doesn't deserve to be missed?

Do you ever truly miss someone, even after they hurt you or did something to you that doesn't deserve your, well, missing? I was sort of hurt, betrayed, and still have that feeling deep down inside of emptiness without them. As much as I know they truly don't care, and that I'm better off, I still crave the idea of them, miss the times with them, get triggered by things that remind me of them. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same feeling, or is going through something similar, and if so, advice?

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  • It's perfectly normal for you to feel the way that you do! Even if nobody will admit it, people more often than not miss their partners, even if they were completely terrible. It eventually fades away so don't worry about it! You just have to acknowledge that you had some pretty good times, but that they messed up and it's over now. It's a process. It'll take time. Any would takes time to heal. And it might not happen for a couple of months, I don't know how bad it was or anything. But give yourself time to heal and move on.

    • Very very true, thanks. I know it's gonna take some time, but for now it hurts. Hopefully it will dampen soon

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    • I don't think it's over just because someone messed up. Love is rare. People are too quick to call it over but if there is still love, then it isn't over. It should be easy to end it if there is no love.

    • @MelG23 That's true too, but I think the asker knows justice best in their heart. They should know that if the trust is gone and they don't feel comfortable anymore, then not much can be find. Yes, if there's still truly love there, then the they'd still feel comfortable around their loved one because they'd understand how there was a mistake made but still love them.


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  • Yes , its natural to miss someone who was part of your life... even if that person hurt you. When they are no longer part of your life, it's inevitable you'll feel a sense of loss. You feel a void in your life without them.

    Over time you gradually get used to them not being there so you gradually miss them less and less. Plus, you eventually find something else to fill that missing space.

  • Yes. If you ended it maybe you should talk to her. Tell her that she hurt you. Give her a chance to apologize about what she did to you. I am sure she is hurting and misses you too. Forgiveness is the path to peace. If you miss her it means you still love her and there is a chance if she loves you too.

    • She ghosted me for 2 weeks, I tried to reach out, she said "sorry" for not being there, found out she was hanging with another guy, ignored me again, broke up...

  • I miss the thought of them. Not the person they are.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, you have a deep mind. I've been feeling this way about someone tor weeks. On the fence of messaging them first but knowing how they hurt me I hold back

    • I know the feeling. I thought I would try and make amends, work it out, they said they would "put in more effort" that they have "just been real busy with work this month", It was all bullshit, they used me 10 minutes after, for a project to find someone who scammed them out of tickets. They then went back to ignoring me, and it hurt me a lot. I miss the idea of them, the goodness I thought was there, but why fight for something when all it does is bite back.

    • True. Feel better. Forgive them and move on

    • Thanks, and you too, stay strong

  • No, fuck them.


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