My boyfriend and his work colleague are suddenly so close?

My boyfriend has just joined the police and we have just moved out into a flat 2 weeks ago. I was really enjoying it but then because of this girl we have started to argue. We have been together for 3 years. He started talking about this work colleague a few days in and I asked if she was pretty and he said she was alright. But then I heard they were on patrol together all day that means he sees her all day every day :/ and now they have started messenging each other on FB everyday. He says it's her that mostly starts the conversations but still. I have read a bit and it's normal stuff but I can't help but feel a bit miffed. We've now fallen out because I said they are too close suddenly and he said I should trust him. I do trust him and no I don't think he will do anything but he might develop feelings and also I never see him because of his job so I don't want him messaging her while we're supposed to be having time together? I said that to him and he said he should be able to message whoever he wants when he wants and doesn't want to be controlled by me. He said about me meeting her but I don't want that because they might become best friends. This might sound silly but I just want her to go away. They can talk at work sure but i don't get why they have to message at home. I don't with other guys? What should I do? Or how do I become ok with this? Will she eventually not text him as much?

He said he enjoys messaging her yesterday and she now has a bf? But he still messages her a lot


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  • I guess you have to trust him, cops work together, they will be close as friends.


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  • Well, it'll be hard to make her go away when they work together, all you can do is trust him. He may be talking about her so much because she's just a new person in life. If she is messaging him first, then she probably has a crush on him. I think you should meet her so she know's y'all are serious and she doesn't need to do anything but be his police force partner. He definitely shouldn't be messaging her when he's with you, unless it's an emergency about work or something. I would just tell him how you feel, tell him you want to meet her, be nice to her and be a bitch when you have to be :)

    • He said last night that he enjoys messaging her and they are just mates she just a day ago got a bf? Does that chbage things? i don't get why he enjoys messaging her about stuff I don't do that with guys?

    • Well I definitely feel like he shouldn't be telling you all that now. He should know that would make any girlfriend feel like she almost has to compete! So she just got a bf? I don't know girl TBH, if he can have friends to text, then fuck it, why can't you? If my boyfriend were to tell me he enjoyed messaging his partner he sees everyday, then I'd sure find a social circle.

  • That sounds sort of sketchy. If she constantly messages him, it means she is interested in him in a not-so-friendly way.