I'm stuck between two guys.. HELP!!

So there's these two guys. Danny and Kalani. (werid name, I know lol). Anyways.. here's the story.

Danny;; So I've liked him this whole school year. I have no idea what he feels about me. We talked a couple times, I added him on Facebook, we chatted, then he deleted me? I don't know what that was all about. He's super shy &I get all nervous around him. I get butterflies thinking about him &hes just so adorable! Anywho, sometimes I'll catch him looking at me but I'm afarid nothing will ever happen between us:/

Kalani;; He's cute and he likes me. He makes me smile but he doesn't make me feel the same way Danny does.. he's interested in me and actually doing something about it instead of just looking at me. I think I want to be with him because he's actually taking an interest in me and yeah..

What do you guys think I should do? Wait around for Danny or go ahead with Kalani?


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  • Don't wait around for anyguys!

    I've just learned a lesson and I hope this will help you.. Guys want what they can't have. if you go for them and chase after them, there is a higher chance that they will lose interest because they KNOW that youa re interested and you will probably keep that interest. so he can maybe "save you for later" That's just what I tthink! So go ahead for Kalani. he is actually putting in effort. forget about danny for now and I guarentee he will see you moved on and wonder what is wrong with him. :) I wish you the best of luck!


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  • I think that if you have to ask strangers which guy to pick, rather than making your decision yourself, that you should choose neither.


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  • I think be friends with both of them, but no more than friends since both don't seem to meet your expectations completely in some ways, and then there's less chance of you making a wrong or rushed decision in the meantime.

    • I guess... that's a good point. I'd rather be with Danny I'm just scared nothing will ever happen &that I'm missing a good opportunity with Kalani..

  • Kalani. (cool nameee !]