Why Did This Guy React Like This?

A few days ago my friend had a surveyor come to her home for work and as soon as he entered he kept looking my way then went around the house and when I was in a room he'd he'd try and get my attention or say something or smile even though I was just a guest and my friends mum was there also. He told my friends mum his girlfriend asks him to take his shoes off when entering homes when he came for a joke. Before leaving he looked at me intensely smiled etc then outside I heard him say to my friend he will get her report soon as his girlfriend is due a baby soon and will be busy.

Why would he react like he did if he's got a girlfriend and esp with me when my friend and her mom were in the home too then talk about his gf?


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What Guys Said 2

  • He must have found you attractive

  • He must think you are nice looking. Probably made him nervous


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah that's really weird... I mean, he seems interested in you.. But he has a girlfriend and is having a baby! I would just try to avoid him, nothing good could ever come from this