If you take the perfect guy, which of the following traits would make him the least appealing (poor, short, fat, etc.) 🌷🌸🌺?

If you take the perfect guy, which of the following traits would make him the least appealing?

  • Fat
    67% (12)60% (6)64% (18)Vote
  • Skinny
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Poor
    6% (1)20% (2)11% (3)Vote
  • Small cock
    11% (2)10% (1)11% (3)Vote
  • Short
    16% (3)10% (1)14% (4)Vote
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  • Probably Fat.
    1) Poor is not a big deal as long as he's not homeless and he's actually working towards a goal and he's hardworking. I will support him and encourage him as much as I can. When my Mom married my father he had a decent first job but he really climbed the ladder while my Mom was (and still is) by his side. I want to do the same with my husband. Plus I'm planning to work as-well so we can make things easier for the both of us.

    2) Short, it depends on how short you mean. Ideally I want him to be 5'9" to 6'5". If he's amazing I can go shorter. But not more than an inch shorter than me (I'm 5'6").

    3) Skinny, it depends on how skinny we're talking. If it's like this:
    It's too skinny for my taste, I will feel like I overpower him.
    This on the other hand is ok

    4) Small c*ck, this one I don't know lol I mean I don't really care for the size as long as it's functional, clean, disease free and not abnormally small to the point you won't know if it's in or not lol.

    5) Now fat is... eh lol if he's a bit chubby it's ok , for example:
    But if he's like this, then no I can't be sexually attracted to him


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  • Maybe Somewhat Shorter than me And.. it Has Happened.
    God luck and Great question. xx

    • 2mo

      On top of this, he wanted a Real Relationship on our First Date, and his Shortness, which actually he was my own Short Stop Size, was not that Big a deal as his Intentions. xx

  • Being like, morbidly obese would be the biggest turn of for me.

  • Fat.
    I'm not attracted to overweight people. I live an active lifestyle and I prefer to date people who do as well.

  • Doubted between fat and short, but fat is ultimately worse.


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