I'm going out on my first date and I would really like some help, any advice for me?

Me and this girl has been friends for a year now and i think it's gotten to the point where i like her and she likes me. I know this because her friend told me last week that she liked me and i should make a move. I told her i would take her out to dinner and ask her out. I told her this Friday. Im worried and don't really know what to do.

For example should i hold the car door open for her so she can get in, or is that too much? I never been on a date before and i want to make her feel happy and good. Any help would be very much appreciated


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  • You can try asking her during the date what qualities she likes in a man. If she tells you that she likes it when a man behaves like a gentleman, you can try acting like that.

    • i guess i can do that. Thanks

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  • Smile when you see act happy to see her. Compliment her say you look nice your hair looks nice I like the way your wearing you hair that's a nice dress nice top etc. As much as I know you will want to don't check her out when you pick her up make eye contact look at her face you don't want to give her wrong impression. I would say open the car door it will let her know that you care, but on that note I agree with what that1tallguy said. Usually if you start something a girl will expect you to continue doing it. Dress nice keep it casual but don't look like a slob. Brush your teeth before hand you don't want to have bad breath. I would say skip the movie do an activity just like someone else said but I would incorporate food into the mix even if it was just ice cream. I would do bowling that's a bad idea. With just the 2 of you if you go bowling one of you will always be taking a turn doesn't give you anytime to talk. Minnie golfing would be good. The idea is to do something you guys can do together not something you have to take turns at. That's about all I can think of at the moment if you have specific questions please ask and I will answer.


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  • If your picking her up from her house walk up and knock on the door instead of waiting in the car you'll set a good impression especially on her parents if she still lives with them. I would say opening the car door is a bit much that might make her think you'll always open the car door for her and when you eventually stop to do so she'll definitely notice and think why did he stop trying. If you still want to go through with it make it look casual and don't draw any attention to it. Dress casually nice, smell good and if your nervous just fake confidence till you have it 4real. Skip the movie and dinner until the third date do an activity instead.

    • yeah she does, we're both 21. Ok and thanks for all the advice

  • I think the biggest peace of advice is to relax and try to have fun with it. Of course you will be nervous especially after seeing her. But just try to keep a more relaxed air about you. And just keep things fun and flirty. Oh and be sure to smile when you see her.