Is there a right time to be clear and confess to your crush?

We met from time to time and texted each other, but have yet to hang out. We started off as strangers before we know each other. I did ask her out. I guess she felt uncomfortable hanging out with someone whom she barely know. Usually she text back, but lately it fell silent and she hasn't been around that much. I do wanna be clear with her at one point. Should I wait just a little longer when we see each other or should I just let her know now? The timing is never how I pictured in my head.


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  • anytime you feel comfortable confessing your crush to them


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  • You've already fucked up. The only way to salvage this is to ask her out on a date. If she trues to use an excuse as she's busy or whatever, try one more time but only after you've given her soace and she contacts you. If she just flat out turns you down you need to tell her that you're looking for a friendship but looking for something more and if she ever changes her mind to let you know. Then you give her space and go no contact. If she contacts you again you ask her out again, understood?

    • sorry, you should only ask a girl out twice unless she drops hints that she wants you to try again

    • sorry, you're not looking for a friendship

    • I gave myself three strikes, at most 4. But I won't kept pushing one after the other.


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  • If you asked her out, she knows that you like her. If she is avoiding you, then she is not interested.

    • The whole "doesn't hang out with people she barely knows" is a way to decline your offer because she is not interested. Girls use that all the time, so they don't hurt the other person's feelings.

    • She says one thing, but I caught her looking at me from time to time. When I looked back, she didn't turn away and we break eye contact only when I smiled back and she laughs. Which confuses me. When we chat on im, at one point I felt she's opening up to me. Then shuts me down. I wish I can just be clear of my intention and avoid looking like the guy who approach girls a lot. Which I'm not.

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  • I think you should tell her when you see her in person and you can see how she takes it then ask her out again casually. I know how you feel it could be frustrating a. f sometimes the dating scene is full of mind games.

    • I have a feeling she's not going to be around anytime soon where we usually meet. What with the holidays coming up. So there's a low chance of telling her in person anytime soon. That's why I'm wondering if I should just open myself through text. Which is something I don't prefer also.

    • When you say she fell silent on you do you mean she isn't responding anymore to your text? If that's the case it's a done deal that's just a girls way of saying im not intrested.