What am I doing wrong?

So, i have my best friend and i love her, she is smart af, so pretty and really really funny but everytime I like guy he ends up liking her, she has never done anything with them because she knows I like them, but i feel so sad all the time and so tired of it and I honestly don't know what the fuck am I doing wrong, we are quite different, I know I shouldn't compare to her but I am so tires of this happening all the time :(


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  • I have pretty much the same situation with my best friend where whenever there's a girl that we both meet and I'm interested in, she ends up falling for him. And he's usually trying to get me together with them.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't assume you are doing anything wrong. If someone likes you they wouldn't care how smart funny and pretty your friend is. However if you are more introverted and fading into the background when your friend is around and/or not showing much interested in these guys then maybe that could steer them towards your friend.