How should I approach getting a girlfriend?

I've never had a girlfriend, within the last year I had 3 chances, 2 girls I rejected because I didn't feel anything for them, the other girl rejected me because I became emotionally attached way to easy. Is there a balance? Should I date a girl just to gain experience? How much should I care?


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  • No, you shouldn't date someone for the sake of dating. That usually fails.
    Are you currently interested in dating a specific girl?

    • Yes I am but I dont think she is interested in having a relationship, at least not soon, I feel that I am rushing in too quickly

What Guys Said 2

  • Do not date just for experience! This will only hurt someone. If you find a girl you like, just go with the flow. Talk to her. Compliment her (Hair, hobbies, clothing) and care about her, with this I mean if you go out bring her home, because you don't want anything bad happen to her. Just tell her that when you are doing it. They will appriciate you.

  • its a numbers game just keep trying