At 28yrs of age I've never had a girlfriend. I need some advice please. Ladies what would be a good way to approach someone?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Like a brief description of what you personally like to hear when approached. Im a friendly person kind and intelligent yet I have no experience with woman what so ever. I want to know a bit of the rules. Like what not to do and stuff of that sort. Thank You so much in advance Im ready to make a change in my life.


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  • Good luck! Don't bother coming up with fancy lines and stuff, it's a waste of time. It doesn't matter what you say to a woman, she will either find you attractive or she won't, which is what actually determines if she will say yes or no.

    Make eye contact first, smile and look away. Look back, if she smiles, she might be interested. If she looks over a couple of times, and smiles, it's time to approach. A simple "Hello, how's you night going so far?" or "Can I buy you a drink?" are best as they keep it simple, and are not cheesy or creepy. Just chat to her as you would a friend. If it seems to be going well, and she seems to like talking to you, you can ask for her number.

    Remember it's a numbers game, so don't be put off by rejection, keep trying, some women won't like you, but some women will like you. That said, don't go after more than one woman in the same night - we do notice.

    • Thank you so much everything you said makes perfect sense. I have no one else to ask or even talk about this stuff with. You all are so kind 😊

    • You're welcome, dating is hard even for those of us with more experience, so good luck and I hope you find someone special :)

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  • Just don't think about it as a "right way", or something. Just be you; goal is to have fun chatting and flirting, so there are no rules. ☺

    • You are right it should be like that ☺ whats a good conversation starter I can use?

  • Approach people you already know/you work or study in the same environment. Start by making connections with people and eventually it will lead to more.