Is it wrong to go out or see a guy if I am not entirely taking him serious, or thinking about him long term?

Its my last year at a small college, about an hour from my home. I haven't dated anyone here bc I haven't wanted to. There's one dude that kinda has caught my eye, and we had mutual friends, he would stare at me a lot last year, I know he finds me hot, were friends on fb and he only has like 100 friends. I recently told our mutual friend that I think he's cute and to tell him hey from me. Now I'm thinking about it, and I don't know why I did because if we were to see each other, this is my last year here at school and his home country is another country. He's a grade below mine. Is this stupid to want to talk to him or go out if realistically it seems kinda stupid?


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  • Not at all. Just don't lead him on to think it's more than it is.


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  • What do you consider serious?

    • Just seeing a long term future with someone

    • Which entails?

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