Why hasn't he messaged me yet after our first date that went well?

I had a really good date with this guy last night, I met him at 7 and came home at half 11. We were talking for ages, there were no awkward silences or anything, the conversation just seemed to be flowing :/
He was giving me very clear signs he was interested; kept complimenting me, flirting with me. After walking me home he explicitly said he had a nice time, said the date went well and asked if we wanted to do it again (I said yes of course 😛) He hugged me and I think looked as if he was waiting for a kiss... So I'm confused... Why has he not messaged me today? :/
I wouldn't be worried normally it's just he was messaging me a lot throughout the day following up to the date.
I definitely got the impression he was attracted to me, he seemed to make that pretty clear. Ahhh, I'm just so confused...


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  • He's probably waiting for you to text him. Text him something simple that doesn't require a reply, like, "Hope your day is going well!"

    • I kind of feel like if he was interested he'd take the initiative to message me though :/

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    • Well, you took down your picture, but you were super cute. You put the U in cute. Without you, cute would just be cte, which isn't even a word. You make cute possible. So I'm sure he'll hit you back. Good luck!

    • Hahaha aw thank you ;)

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  • Give him time. He might be doing that whole "no contact" crap or whatever it is; however long it is these days.
    Whippersnappers! lol

    Truthfully, relax and remember he's got his own life. He's probably more comfortable and happy after meeting you so he's backing off on giving you attention.

    - Do something to distract yourself in the meantime. If he doesn't reach out after about 2 days, then he lied.

    ** BUT don't assume the worst. Hope for the best :]

    • Hopefully he's just playing it cool :/ he seemed so interested, ahhh :/

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    • Yeah you're right :)

    • Thank you for MH ^-^

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  • Waiting 1 or 2 days to not appear needy possibly. Or he's just flaked.

    Most likely he's sitting at home twiddling his thumbs and wondering the same thing you are. So unless one of you makes a move, you'll probably end up chatting to other people and never speaking again.

    • I feel like if he's interested though he'll take the initiative and message me first :(

  • Don't look too much into it. I tend to be horrible with replying to txts. Even if it's a girl I really like. It happens. Sometimes it's not about you. Maybe he's dealing with something he doesn't want to talk to you about.

    • He messaged me every day following up to the date though :( I don't know

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    • Oh I haven't messaged him at all since the date, I was waiting for him to message me after it :p

    • Ok good. Keep it that way cutie! Make him come to you.

  • Could've been a busy day for him? Maybe waiting a day or two to text you - probably not trying to seem to desperate?

    • I hope it's that case but I'm not sure :(

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    • Thanks :) if not, onto the next one I suppose :D

    • haha story of my life

  • I'm sorry to hear that


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