Girls, would you date a guy if you thought that you could (hypothetically) kick his butt?

Say a guy is skinny, low bodyweight, high metabolism, can't put on much muscle. You also are pretty sure that if you wanted to, you'd kick his butt in a fight. Maybe you learned this play wrestling, maybe you just assume it.

Could you date a guy like that? Would it matter? I know it's old fashioned but do you need a guy who can defend you if needed. Not saying he wouldn't try to but realistically, you'd be the one defending him.

I'm pretty much THAT guy. Most girls say they don't care but in some way it becomes an issue later on.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would very much prefer someone who could defend me, but if we really love each other, I could deal.

  • I don't. It's crazy how many guys come here asking about something so irrelevant. I get why you don't feel 'masculine' enough but a modern woman will not think about that for a second. I'm currently dating the best guy I've ever been with my whole life and he's the same height as me, super skinny and I grew up in the hood so I'd probably beat his fancy ass too. But what on earth is the problem with that? He's nice, respectful, caring, intelligent & pretty much everything I've ever asked for. That's what counts.