I don't believe love will find me; I think I have to go find it but everytime I try I get let down. what should I do now?

I just suffered another heart break but this time I decided to leave the girl alone rather than take her abuse and now I feel lost and my heart hurts again. (I always get broken heart syndrome, look it up it's real). what do I do now?


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  • You're still young. You're going to get your heart broken way too many times and it will always heal itself. Most people go through with it. It's normal.


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  • Broken hearts heal. Don't let women become your demise, (as I stated in your other post)... concentrate on YOU and getting your life in order... use them, don't let them control you. Right now they are not good for anything but sex. They do not have the maturity or attention span to go long term.


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