Does she like me?

So, there's this girl I really like. We have some of the same classes together. During the second week of school she asked for my number because she needed help on a take home quiz. As if she needed it. She already finished it, and did great. That was in late August. Since then occasionally her friends will look at me, then whisper in her ear and giggle a little, then she waits for me to catch up with her. Sometimes we'll text from about 1 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning. On Mondays she sits with me at lunch, just by ourselves. I think this other guy likes her though, but she seems to only like him as a friend. He literally cleans her shoes, and writes her 2 page letters. But she ditches him, to walk with me to class. Occasionally she'll walk up to me and some friends, and she will hug the person next to me, but then act like she's about to hug me, but then just do a weird handshake. Sometimes I'll catch her staring at me, but she looks away. The other day she texted me at midnight, when she told me good night at 10:30, that she couldn't sleep, and ended up falling asleep texting me. The next day she started the conversation with "Hey you" I think that sounds a little flirty, but my friends think otherwise. We're in a group project in one class, so should I ask her out? Do you think she likes me?


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  • Yes she does like you. I say take things slow and be her friend first maybe go out as friends and hang out and see where things go from there.


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  • From what I read I think she might like you because girls tend to ask for help on something easy so you can help them and it gives them a feel of you and hope you would react if she actually needs help. It you 2 sit together alone a lot then that's a good sign she's interested in you or wants to know you better. I think you ask her out if you like her not just because she likes you.