Can I call/text him?

I met my crush at a bar.

We had an amazing drunken night at a bar and after the bar with friends, making out / touching. He flirted with me and we talked like nothing happened after the ordeal. Never called/texted.

It's been two weeks... can I text?

Thanks for the advice everyone! I took jeffry's advice and I texted him something very casual and a few texts flew back and forth. No he didn't ask me out but at least now I know nothing is awkward and he knows I'm open to talking! Go with your gut :-)


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  • Text him, call him. Just do it!

    • Why? Isn't that against the "rules" of dating w/e....I def. want to win this guy but don't want to seem desperate or something

    • Haha to hell with the rules of dating. Guys don't know them anyway. Just text or call him. He'll like it. Guys like it when a girl calls/texts them. He won't think you're desperate. It's only 2 weeks ago, no problem with that. He'll praobably be thinking about you as well. So go call/text him!


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  • definately should have called sooner


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  • If you think he might be interested in being friends, I think it's okay to text him. If you are interested in a relationship I'm not too sure. He could regret it--either because he wants to be just friends or he thinks you regret it. Or maybe he doesn't regret it and he just doesn't want to talk about it because you were just a one-time convenience for his sexual needs. Just things to think about.

  • I think if he was interested in something more, he would have made contact by now. I would leave it alone.